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The wave of the future

I've been putting Crik in my oatmeal and mixing with yogurt/condiments to ma me my own protein bars for snacks.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review Ted! If you have any recipes you want to share, shoot us an email!
Crik Choc and Vanilla

Chocolate tastes great. Always have loved the vanilla.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review Jim!
Sweet Vanilla Crik

I am enjoying the cricket powder as a breakfast pre-workout smoothie. It sustains me for many hours, yet leaves me feeling light, as if I'm not having to work to digest. I would recommend it. Thumbs up!

Thanks for the review Dorian! The lightness after having a cricket shake is what make me really get behind this stuff before I started the company and was just experimenting at home. Thanks again!
Love it!

I'm so excited to be sharing my love of this protein powder. Very delicious and satisfying.

Thanks for the review!!!
Worth The Try

I have tried dozens of protein powders over the years, as I'm sure most of the other customers have. I was intrigued by its very nature and it was on sale, so I bought some. I got the chocolate and the flavor is very good. It does have metallic notes, which surprised me since insects have different blood than mammals, but I guess blood is blood. Don't let that put you off. If you have tried any other protein powder, you know it can cause bowel distress, and you know how bad it can get. With Crik, there was absolutely no bowel distress whatsoever. NONE. I had ordered some Huel a month before getting Crik, and let me tell you, it got to the point that I could no longer function in public. I thought a body had to be dead to produce that kind of stench. Nothing like that happened with Crik. That being said, there is a whole section on this website about how easy, cheap, and sustainable farming crickets is. If that's the case, I'm curious as to why this stuff is so expensive. That statement is a bit rhetorical because I understand overhead and profit margin, but still. $60 for 20 servings feels steep, and like I mentioned up top, the only reason I bought some was because it was on sale. If not for that, I would give it five stars. Hopefully, wider sales will eventually bring the price down.

Hi Daena, Thanks for leaving such an in-depth review! To answer your question about price, while cricket farming is very sustainable from a resources point of view, it is definitely NOT cheap. This is mainly because of scale. Cricket farming is tiny when compared to other areas of farming like beef, dairy, plants. There are only a handful of small private farms that reliably grow crickets, but since we started about 3 years ago we've already seen a huge drop in prices. As the popularity of crickets grow, we can put in larger orders and get even better pricing... but for now on a per/serving basis we are right around and in many cases cheaper than other premium protein powders such as grass-fed whey and even many hemp proteins.
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20G PROTEIN | No added Sugar


Best Taste Guarantee

Why Crickets



Looks, smells, and tastes as good or better than any protein powder on the market.
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or ingredients
  • Tastes great simply mixed with water
  • Only 1g of Sugar

    If you're not 100% satisfied call us for a full refund.
    No questions asked.
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    Crickets contain:
  • 2.5x the Protein vs. Beef
  • 10x the B12 vs Wild Salmon
  • More Iron than Spinach or Beef

    They're also high in Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, Omegas and more. Not only are they high in these nutrients but studies show they are more soluble and have better uptake in your body.
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    Using much less resources compared to livestock or dairy, insects are one of the most environmentally friendly foods on the planet.
  • 100x less greenhouse gases
  • 2000x less water
  • 2000x less land
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