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Happy to have a protein shake option that does not come with bloat and gas!

I have used whey protein powder for years and I do still buy my favorite brand but I am loving that CRIK gives me a protein option that has zero bloat and gas! I will toy with using it exclusively if and when the prices are able to come down to compete with inexpensive whey. If you are using your protein as fuel and not looking for a milkshake, then you will be happy with CRIK. It doesn't taste bad at all, but it is not like drinking dessert like some protein powders. Very happy!

Thanks for the review Laurie! I'm happy to hear it is working so well for you :D Unfortunately we will be in the premium price range for a while because the crickets cost about 8x as much as whey does as an ingredient, but we are constantly working on improving the product and prices.

By far the best protein powder available.

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us a review! It really helps out, and definitely puts a big smile on our faces :D

Sweet Vanilla Lovers (3x Combo)

Love the product and Alex!

Can't say enough about both the product and Alex! I usually have issues digesting all kinds of proteins and believe me I've tried them all in the past 10 years, but this stuff is clean, great tasting, no fillers, and results are noticeable after my first order. Starts with my stamina which is through the roof, recovery, lean gains, and sex drive is even off the chart.
My family, friends and people who I bump into are very skeptical about the product as they should be, cause there are so much lab proven crap out there and of course who eats insects? Even though it's on a pricy side of the scale it's worth every penny cause it makes sense and it works.

Alex is a great guy who cares about his customers, helped me out when he didn't have to. I'll continue to be a loyal costumer for years to come.

Thanks for the amazing review Slavik! It is much appreciated and I'm glad your seeing all those benefits too!
Incredible product and incredible company!

The CRIK crew have done their research and have created the finest protein powder I've ever used in my years of bodybuilding (and I've used at least 10 different ones)!

Thanks so much for the review Jason!!!
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