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As a person who has been looking for a source of protein that doesn’t upset my stomach, this stuff works. I have a smoothie every morning before I start my day and keeps me full til super time.

Awesome review Jason! Glad it's helping your stomach as much as mine :D
Good with Milk

I did not specifically enjoy the taste as guarenteed, but I was able to drink it. The taste was very metallic, which I assume was the cricket exoskeleton. A little odd with just water, but it wasn't so bad when mixed with milk or almond milk. Thanks for letting me try it out!

Thanks for the honest review Cole. Sorry we didn't live up to your expectations, but I'm happy you found a way to enjoy. Going to reach out personally to get some more info and see what we can do to improve.
Great Alternative to Dairy Based Protein

Very happy to have an option to get a more complete protein than pea based protein and be able to avoid dairy based proteins.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review Kevin, much appreciated!
Crik Protein Heaven

I am loving my Crik Protein because it is the only protein that I do not have stomach issues. I get bloated and stomach ache even with the Organic vegan ones. I am currently only on Crik protein and am so happy. The taste is amazing, especially the chocolate.....

Thanks for the detailed review Patty! Glad to hear you're seeing such great results :D
The best protein ever

I’m complete fascinating with this protein... and of course I’ll recommend CRIK protein powder I just love it drink after my work out.
David Namicela

Thanks for the great review David! It's much appreciated... please reach out if you have any questions or feedback.
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