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Awesome product!

Great flavour and very easy on your body to process and digest unlike many whey protein powders. This protein doesn't make you feel like you had a heavy meal after your workout.

Thank you for the review Bob!

Love this product. Did a sampling at a Bodybuilding show and was excited everyone loved the taste as much as we do. It does not bloat your stomach like other protein shakes. It keeps you lean.

Thank you for the review Patty!

You absorb this protein, and grow your muscles is a healthy natural way. Jesus and the Israelites used to eat hundreds of different locust recipes, look it up. I'll put a scoop or two of raw peanut powder or cocoa powder for a delicious taste, but the vanilla alone is delicious as well.

Thanks so much for the review! ... I love the idea with the peanut powder! And if you like it with cocoa, you'll have to try our chocolate when it's back in stock.
So far so good!

Clean, easy on the stomach. Great workout pumps!

Hector, glad to keep hearing from everyone about how easy it is to digest.... such a huge benefit I didn't even fully realize or expect!
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Crik gave me more nutrition than other protein powders. It was very effective in building my muscles after a hard workout. The price is a little higher than other powders, but you get what you paid for. I will stop purchasing the other powders and buy Crik. I'm very satisfied with it.

Thanks so much for the great review Jules! I'm glad you're seeing the benefits you hoped for after switching to our protein :D
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I was raised in a small town just north of Winnipeg, Canada playing sports throughout my whole life.

100m and high jump were the school sports I played to be able to skip classes to go practice or compete. However my real passion was football, and I played that pretty much from 11 years old till I was 20 before getting a job that put me out of town all the time. 

That's when I got into lifting weights and learning about nutrition & diet. I was always a skinny kid growing up; but once focused, and armed with a bit of knowledge I was able to grow from 165 lbs to 195 lbs in under 6 months while ending up with a lower bodyfat %.

Over the years I continued to learn more, constantly tweaking my routines, and testing new diets. Pretty much thought I had it all figured out. 


After finally getting a position at work where I didn't have to travel anymore, I joined a softball team with my friends.

It was great to be back playing team sports again.... Until halfway through the season when I badly strained both my hamstrings simultaneously.

That made me stop to re-evaluate how I looked at fitness. 

Sure it was great having a bunch of muscle and looking good, but if I couldn't sprint without injuring myself, what was the good of it?!

This led me down a more functional path— vs. the more bodybuilding-focused workouts I had been doing.  

The side effect was that I worked out less, and started enjoying the gym more by mixing things up.

There was even a period where I experimented hitting the weights only 1hr/wk for 8 months.

When I went back to my old routine to see how my strength compared. Turns out there was no difference in my overall strength. 


This was working so well that it only made sense to start approaching my diet this way too, so I started to look at what diets and foods were most functional.

For about 9 months I was pretty strictly paleo, and didn't take any supplements or vitamins at all.  This left me extremely lean without loosing any strength, but at this point I was only weight training.

Then my cousin got me to start training Jiu-Jitsu and I totally fell in love with it.

But after a month I started getting really fatigued. My body just didn't seem to be able to keep up with the demand of weights plus hours of BJJ every week.

That's when I decided to start adding some basic grains and protein powder back into my diet. My energy was completely restored as well as I felt, and looked better than ever.


This funtional approach started to reach beyond to include things like the impact my decisions my food choices had on things like animal welfare and the environment.

That's why when I first read about the benefits of eating crickets. I was blown away and had to start using them. 

They are an infinitely better bang for your buck.

Another great benefit was that I could slam a whole double serving of my cricket protein powder and still go to Jiu-Jitsu and roll for 2hr with no burping or bloating whatsoever. 


Below I go into the more business side of what let me to start Crik


How It All Started

After spending 9 years at a job I didn't particularly enjoy, it was time for a change before it was too late to completely change paths.

I wasn't completely sure of what route I wanted to go, but had been spending the past couple years experiment with different types of websites and learning a bit about online business when a friend experienced in eCommerce offered to mentor me.

The only catch was he lived in Spain.

I sold the house, quit my job, got rid of everything else that didn't fit in my backpack and moved to Barcelona. It was unbelievable how much I was able to learn in a short time. 

8 months in, it was time to step it up a notch and start something I could be proud of. 

It had to be something environmentally friendly / sustainable. 

We came up with a few ideas but nothing that really got me excited until one day I was scrolling through Facebook and saw an article about cricket protein.

At first I thought it was weird but was curious and clicked the article anyway.

Within two paragraphs I was sold. 

Nutrient Dense, Sustainable, Ethical.... How were we not already putting insect protein in everything?!

I had to start incorporating it into my diet somehow.

Since I took whey protein shakes every day after my workouts, and figured since the crickets came ground up in a powder, surely someone was already making a protein powder out of them... Turns out, no one was.

It took until I exhausted Google in search of a protein powder to buy that it dawned on me that this was going to be the new business.

Right then, I turned around and erased all the projects off my white board and wrote CRICKET PROTEIN POWDER across the top and that's how it all started.

I go into more detail in the the article Why I Started a Cricket Protein Company.


Well, that about cover's it. 

I created Crik because I wanted this product to exist for many reasons, and the timing was perfect to dive in and start.

Our products are made — a little selfishy — for myself because they are things I use every single day.

This means you can rest assured that we use the highest quality ingredients possible and are always reashearching and testing new wasy to improve our products. 

I stand behind this 100% with our Money Back Guarantee.


Check out the Crik blog for more information that covers everything from crickets to curing your stiff back while working at a desk or driving all day.


"Thanks so much for your support!"
- Founder, Alex Drysdale



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