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Awesome product!

Great flavour and very easy on your body to process and digest unlike many whey protein powders. This protein doesn't make you feel like you had a heavy meal after your workout.

Thank you for the review Bob!

Love this product. Did a sampling at a Bodybuilding show and was excited everyone loved the taste as much as we do. It does not bloat your stomach like other protein shakes. It keeps you lean.

Thank you for the review Patty!

You absorb this protein, and grow your muscles is a healthy natural way. Jesus and the Israelites used to eat hundreds of different locust recipes, look it up. I'll put a scoop or two of raw peanut powder or cocoa powder for a delicious taste, but the vanilla alone is delicious as well.

Thanks so much for the review! ... I love the idea with the peanut powder! And if you like it with cocoa, you'll have to try our chocolate when it's back in stock.
So far so good!

Clean, easy on the stomach. Great workout pumps!

Hector, glad to keep hearing from everyone about how easy it is to digest.... such a huge benefit I didn't even fully realize or expect!
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Crik gave me more nutrition than other protein powders. It was very effective in building my muscles after a hard workout. The price is a little higher than other powders, but you get what you paid for. I will stop purchasing the other powders and buy Crik. I'm very satisfied with it.

Thanks so much for the great review Jules! I'm glad you're seeing the benefits you hoped for after switching to our protein :D
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What People Are Saying About Crik

I still get nervous for some reason when people are trying Crik for the first time which is crazy because we get sooo much amazing feedback.

It seems like everyday I'm getting Texts, DM's, Emails, or Reviews that make all the struggle of starting a company worth it. 

You'll see all these different reviews and feedback first and the video taste tests are near the bottom of the page.


Of course our product isn't for everyone, but after 1 year there still has only been 1 person that didn't like their Crik and asked for a refund.



Cricket Protein Powder Reviews

Below is a sample of some of the great feedback we've been getting and there seems to be a trend.

Facebook Reviews

"You have to try it out!"

"Smells so good!"

"Mixes so easy."

"Tastes amazing even with just water!"

"Best tasting protein I've EVER had!"

Cricket Protein Facebook Reveiws



Feedback by Text

I do give out my personal number a lot which means once in a while I get kickass text like the ones below here.  

There's nothing that puts a huge smile on my face and makes for an awesome day like getting one of these texts or even sometimes calls from people that just tried Crik for the first time and love it so much they have to reach out. 

"Best tasting protein [i] have tried."

"Tastes like a milkshake!!! Wowza!"

"Don't feel bloated and I took 3 scoops"

Cricket Protein Text Reviews



Website Reviews

Here's a mix of reviews from our different proteins as well as a couple general reviews about our customer service.

"Love this protein more than any other I've ever tried."

"Exceptionally delicious"   "No bloating"

"Been taking protein for 5 years and this is the best"


Cricket Protein Website Reveiws



Email Feedback

I like to reach out to people a lot. 

That's what helped make the changes from our first original vanilla to the sweet vanilla protein.

"I'm hooked on the chocolate flavour!!! :)"  

"This stuff is delicious."  

"This is the best protein you can get."


Cricket Protein Email Reviews



First-Time Cricket Protein Taste Tests

All of these videos are done by real people I've just met for the first time and they have never tried the product before.

It always makes me nervous as I mentioned and a lot of the time people don't make a face at all, but it turns out it's because they were preparing for something weird and when it turns out normal they're shocked and stop for a minute to wait for an after taste or anything out of the ordinary. 


Startup Taste Tests

These taste tests happened while at a startup event and happened to be on the same day our Indiegogo launched which exceeded our goal in the first 24 hrs.

People were skeptical but having had success that day they all gave it a try. 
Many of them admitting they don't usually like protein powder or that Crik is better than the stuff they use regularly.

"This is better than the stuff I'm drinking now"

"Tastes better than my protein."



Crossfit Taste Tests

Below is a taste test from a couple local crossfit boxes in Winnipeg, Canada. 

You might see the look on Rob's face on our freeze frame there but it's actually because he can't believe how good it tastes.  

Rob is actually one of our top customers and uses our protein powder every single day to fuel his workouts.

"That's really good man. Really good, really good!"



Radio Taste Test

This taste test is with Kevin from the CJOB 680 radio show. 

"That's really good!"

It reminds me of the first time I did a TV show on our big local channel.

Before the show started Brittany asked if I brought any to show the viewers and I told her she was going to have to try it on air.

She said that if that's how we were going to do it she would have to be brutally honest about what she thought. 

There's a video of that available here:  Global News Morning Show
(tried to embed the video but it doesn't work)



Rich Piana: Pro Bodybuilder Review

This was while the product was still underdevelopment and I was given the opportunity to attend our provincial bodybuilding show and set up a booth for free.

Turns out a legend in the bodybuilding space was there and wanted to give our protein a try.  

He usually doesn't support supplements and promotes more whole food products which is why he liked the idea of Crik.  Our main ingredient is a whole food.

"Pretty f'n good!"


Crik Protein:

Crik Vanilla and Chocolate Cricket Protein
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If you're still not sure check out our Why Crickets page

This page covers the big points of sustainability, nutrients, and ethics of eating insects, as well as digs into why you're already eating lots of bugs without even know it.  

Enjoy :)