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Product is exactly what i wanted in a protein. I continuosly purchase this item, and i am satisfied each and every time.

Thanks so much Marc. We really appreciate your business and are happy to hear you love it!
Okay product.

I think, for me. I had a high expectation for this product. For the price, the cricket factor, and organic, it just wasn't what i expected. I like the idea of crickets for the benefits, but it was just too darn sweet for me. And because of the price and taste i had to give it a 2 star.
I hope this helps.

Hi Arty, we're sorry you thought it was too sweet. If you try mixing more water per scoop of protein it will lower the sweetness exponentially the more water you add. Many of our customers that had similar feedback end up loving it after they adjust the amount of water to their liking. Thanks for the honest review.
This is surprisingly great!

Love the stuff


I will be honest, the ick factor hit me pretty hard when I first looked at the shake. I had a hard time getting the first shake down. There were these little dark specs and my mind totally thought I would eventually come across a floating leg. I never did, and to my surprise, I LOVE THE TASTE! By the 3rd shake, I was looking forward to drinking my Crik protein. Bugs are not that bad after all. I highly recommend that you at least try this product.

Thanks for the honest review Andrew! I'm very happy to hear you're loving it after going against your initial reaction :)

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Thanks for the review Allan, I'm happy to see you're loving the chocolate and ordered up a fresh Chocolate lover's combo!
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Chocolate Cricket Protein Powder by CRIK Nutrition
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No Added Sugar | No Soy | No GMO | No Lactose
20 Servings per tub
  •  •  20g of Protein per serving
     •  No Artificial Ingredients
     •  1500mg of Omegas
     •  No added sugars
     •  150 Calories
     •  5g of Fiber

  • •  No Sugar Added
    •  Lactose-Free
    •  Peanut-Free
    •  Gluten-Free
    •  GMO Free
    •  Soy-Free

  • Organic cricket protein, Organic brown rice protein, Pea protein, Organic hemp protein, Natural flavors, Fructooligosaccharides, Coconut oil (contains milk derivative), Flaxseed, Organic stevia extract, Salt, Monk fruit extract, Xanthan gum.

  • Crik protein was developed to to be an easy to use protein right after your workout.

    Simply add 1 scoop to 250ml of water and give it a shake to mix instantly.

Formulated by a team of degreed scientists with over 30 years of experience in the natural health food industry who have formulated thousands top-selling products for large national brands.

Taste tested and approved by you!

Crik's Chocolate Protein Shake looks, smells, and tastes as good or better than any other protein shake out on the market. We've done hundreds of taste tests with all types of people from national athletes, to weekend warriors, and seniors.  It wasn't until there was a product actual customers were happy with, that we went into production.

Crik's premium protein powder is made in Canada and uses crickets grown at Entomo Farms. Their facility has been inspected and certified specifically to grow crickets for human consumption in a controlled environment following strict guidelines and practices required by all human grade farms.

100% Money Back Guarantee
Crik GMP Good Manufacturing Practices  Crik Protein Money Back Guarantee   cricket protein made in canada
*Allergen Warning:  People allergic to shellfish may also be allergic to crickets.

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This is surprisingly great!

Love the stuff


Save 15% - Chocolate Lovers (3x Combo)

Thanks for the review Allan, I'm happy to see you're loving the chocolate and ordered up a fresh Chocolate lover's combo!
Good Protein Shake, but it could taste better

- I love the nutritional values of this shake. It's packed full of a lot of great things.
- Keeps my stomach full and great source of energy.
-To me using invertebrates as a food source is just cool.
- The taste... I just can't drink this straight (not really chocolatey tasting). It's almost salty tasting. I have to blend it with a banana and even then, I'm not so fond of the flavor. But a lot of people like the taste, so maybe it's just be me.

Hey Mark, thanks for the review! Incase you haven't tried it yet, when you mix less than the recommended amount of water it really sweetens up the shake and makes it a lot creamier.... I should have labeled this version dark chocolate or cocoa :/ we will be doing a more traditional chocolate in future runs. Let me know if that works for you. Thanks again!
simply the best of the best

since when i tried this protein i feel like my body change in a very good way i feel much younger and stronger than i was before

thanks crick

Crick protein powder

LOVE everything about this product